Using AP Hydraulics for System Design and Build you will get:

▪ Guarantee on all parts and workmanship.

▪Full after sale backup with stock backup for any breakdowns.

▪ A finished product designed for longevity and minimal repairs.

▪ An agreement on the final outcome before any design starts.

▪ An agreement on start time and deadline for the build.

▪ Open communication throughout the project.

▪ Full on-site commissioning.

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We specialise in designing custom hydraulic systems to suit your specific needs. Our experts work alongside you to take your ideas from the concept stage right through to a high-quality finished product complete with a hydraulic schematic. Upon request we can also supply a 3D Cad Model of your finished product. All systems are designed for longevity with potential leak points minimised and high priority on ease of access.

From hydraulic power packs for log splitters to re-designing log hauler hydraulic systems we do it all. Our extensive stock of Kawasaki piston pumps, TDZ vane pumps, TDZ cetop valves, M+S motors, Badenost valves and Staffa radial piston motors means there is minimal downtime waiting for parts and if you break it, we’ve got spares on-site.