Using AP Hydraulics for hydraulic ram repairs you will get:

▪ Rams turned around faster.

▪ Longer seal life.

▪ Longer ram life.

▪ Less downtime, short-term and long-term.

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From small, simple hydraulic ram reseals to large, complex ram rebuilds, we have got you covered. Our hydraulic ram bed can handle rams up to 9m long and has an overhead gantry the length of the bed designed to minimize risk and man hours while loading large rams into the bed.

Any repairs to hydraulic rams are completed to the highest standard using highest quality seals to ensure longevity and less downtime for you. Our hydraulic nut cracker boasts a massive 64,000 Nm of torque taking a fraction of the time needed to undo even the tightest piston nuts and retorque to OEM specifications.

A dynamic testing facility allows testing of large hydraulic cylinders while still in the hydraulic ram bed. This facility enables us to tackle hydraulic cylinders of any size and difficulty with impressive turnaround times.