Using AP Hydraulics for Hose and Fittings you will get:

▪ Longer hose life.

▪ Less downtime.

▪ Less oil consumption.

▪ Lower maintenance costs.

▪ Safer workers on-site.

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AP Hydraulics partnered with Ryco as they are accredited to MDG41, the highest safety standard in the world. MDG41 has been adopted in the mining industry and ensures the hydraulic hose and fitting are properly matched and manufactured to highest standard. All staff are professionally trained to be able to carry out repairs to this standard. With the largest range of hydraulic hose and fittings in the East Coast region we ensure minimum downtime for you. Our mobile hose repair vehicles are ready to go 24/7.

Minimise downtime and liability caused by hose failure

Common costs/injuries associated with hydraulic hose failure


Downtime can cost well over $1,000/hour.

Machine burnout

from oil sprayed on a hot engine.

Major loss

of hydraulic oil.

Fluid Injection Injuries

Often results in loss of extremities, limbs or at worst, death.


hydraulic oil operates at up to 100C.

Hose whip injuries

At 1700 feet/second, hydraulic fluid can travel faster than a .22 rifle.

3 simple ways to avoid costs/injuries associated with hydraulic hose failure


Safety First

Never check for an oil leak with your hand or any body part.


Certified Workmanship

Ensure your hydraulic hoses are manufactured by trained and certified technicians.


High Quality Products

Only use high quality matched hose and fittings.

RYCO Quality Accreditations