Using AP Hydraulics for component overhauls you will get:

▪ The root cause of issues identified.

▪ Components fully and properly overhauled.

▪ Quicker turnaround.

▪ Less downtime, short-term and long-term.

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With a clean room set up specifically for dissecting and repairing hydraulic components in a sterile environment, we overhaul components quicker and to a higher standard. From excavator valve banks to hydraulic pumps to final drives, we fully strip any component and give a comprehensive report of what has caused failure or wear.

At AP Hydraulics, when we say reseal we mean a real reseal. Every single O ring or seal in that component will be replaced before the component is refitted. This means no external or internal leaks which can be detrimental to the performance of your machine and cost you downtime.

Our large stock range and connections with international suppliers means we can source replacement parts quickly with less downtime for you.