Leading manufacturer of mobile valves

Badestnost control valves are recognised worldwide for their durability and performance. We stock monoblock valves from 1 bank up to 7 with a wide range of spools and detent kits available. Flows range from 40lpm up to 120lpm. 

We stock electric 6 port diverter valves ideal for applications such as a 3rd service on front-end loaders. Available in 35lpm and 90lpm.

To complement our Badestnost range are the Indemar joysticks and cables. They are renowned for their durability. Our joysticks are built with a stronger metal base to last at the hands of the brawniest operator. Joysticks are available with 3rd service button and wiring ready to go. We stock a range of different cables up to 2.5m long.