Kawasaki is a total system engineering company, leading the way in hydraulics and supplying equipment for a huge range around the globe. The name Kawasaki has become synonymous with quality and innovation of applications including industrial, construction and marine fields. Kawasaki has been developing expertise in hydraulic machinery for nearly 100 years. Now their products can be found around the world on land and sea.

Kawasaki's axial piston pumps have been continuously developed to meet the needs of the era such as high efficiency, low noise and compact design. Kawasaki offers variety of variable displacement axial piston pumps that have high performance, reliability and ease of maintenance.


The K3VL series are variable displacement axial piston pumps of swash plate design, suitable for use in mobile and industrial applications.

The unique mechanism obtained through our long research has drastically reduced pressure pulsation.

Unload and variable pressure controls are made possible remotely in addition to load-sensing and pressure constant. In addition, the horsepower control is available.


  • High Pump Efficiency
  • Low Noise
  • Wide range of control options



The K8V series are variable displacement axial piston pumps for closed loop system.

With the Kawasaki's latest technologies for improving efficiency and lowering noise, they achieve the world's top-level pump efficiency and low noise which contribute to energy saving on applications and comfortable working environment.

Delivery flow is controlled precisely in response to control signal by mechanical feedback of swash plate tilting position.


  • World's top-level pump efficiency and low noise
  • Precise flow control by position feedback of swash plate tilting position.
  • High reliability and Long life for high pressure spec.
  • Charge pump, High/Low pressure relief valve, and Cut-off valve are standard option.
  • Electric proportional control, Hydraulic pilot displacement control and Manual control are available.


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