AMCA proportional valves

  • Max. operating pressure 420 bar.
  • Different spool-types up to 600l/min. in combination with simultaneously control.
  • Compact sandwich design, suitable for mobile applications.
  • Several inlet plate types available for different types of pumps.
  • Operating control in any combination (electrical, manual and hydraulic).
  • Adjustable P for setting the maximum flow.
  • Several user relief options as primairy-, shock-, suction- and remote control functions.
  • One full flat surface for mounting in any position.
  • Standard seawater resistant.

The modular all-rounder

APV load-sensing control valves are distinguished by their modular design. This allows them to be perfectly configured to your wishes. The basic or control section of this series is always the same: we add extra functionality as desired. For example, with secondary or primary pressure settings, or a combination of both. We are also able to integrate the functionality from the hydraulic system into the APV control valves. The series is suitable for operating pressures of up to 420 bar. APV control valves are available in different NGs and have a flow range of 1 l/min to 1,000 l/min. This makes AMCA unique: no other producer worldwide offers such a wide flow range. All in al, the APV series is the perfect basis for OEM solutions.



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